Having nothing, nothing can he lose.

I don't remember Mikey being so nice.

A day on the ski slopes sure beats being stuck in the office.

I came in through the window.

I like to play golf.

He only screams when he's hungry.

When I had just arrived in Switzerland, I was completely taken aback by the prices.

Dion and I aren't divorced.

He sat beside her with his eyes closed.

These structures would rarely, if ever, occur in spoken English.

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They need not do it at once.

Famous vibraphonist Stefon Harris has recorded at least one balafon solo.

After a month's stay here I will get much better.

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I, an old man, have written to an old man about old age.


Whose idea was it to pitch the tent here?

I left my keys on the table; could you fetch them for me?

I felt lost without him.

Esperanto is an international language.

You're avoiding me, aren't you?

Why are you working for him?

Can this be true?


Take things as they are.

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Before the wedding the bridesmaids are expected to plan a bachelorette party for the bride.

The baby began to crawl.

Kayvan pretended to not hear a thing.

This was a few weeks ago!

I'm so bored.

Read all the instructions carefully.

His paper was, on the whole, satisfactory.

Let's go to loot the supermarket!

Money is welcome everywhere.

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I think you're on the right track.

It's already eleven.

Let me know as soon as anything happens.


I've never met anyone quite like you before.

Thank you for coming today.

Al stopped playing.


I wish you had said something to us before.

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His parents were horrified.


We were in bed when my baby disappeared.

I'll meet them some other time.

We're going to need a little more money.


I've explained all of this to you before.

I'm really mad at you.

See you soon, I hope.


He changed trains at Sendai Station.


I reside in Hyogo.

I'm just looking around.

Were you spying on me?

Carlos Slim is the world's second richest person.

Louie appears convinced.

He texted me.

Could you do me a little favor, please?

I hate Terrance's parents.

Maybe I am unhappy, but I don't intend to kill myself.


I had to give it a shot.

I think what you just told me isn't true.

I'm to blame.


Harry was a little surprised that Thuan said that.

An accident prohibited his attending the ceremony.

He is going to New York next week.


Murph said that he liked me.


If you know what's good for you, you'll quit doing that.


You can go from Washington to New York by train.

Since no one was interested to listen to me, I just kept quiet.

These are good questions.

He loaded his stomach with food.

That was why he entered the university.


You should leave here at once.

He works at the steel mill.

He never tells lies.

The stewardess handed Dustin a drink.

Just as he was getting the hang of things, he got fired.


She laughed nervously.

He's staying at a hotel.

The truth doesn't need many words.


I won't let her come in.

We talked of many things.

I wanted to say thanks.

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I think I have a lot to offer.

They are not working even a bit.

Breakfast is already prepared.


Thanks for your help, Eugene.


Mr Long and Mr Smith spoke to each other.


Herman's helpless.

I'm sure we'll see each other again.

Mickey told me about you.

This is our decision.

We should introduce ourselves.

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Can you decide by tomorrow?

Per is the enemy.

You dead.

I think Sal was lying to me.

Is Izumi alright?

Johnnie put his affairs in order.

The clerk labeled the baggage.

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Are you spending Valentine's Day with Ritalynne?

They argued about the sentence.

I think you should work a little harder.

Anderson told me he was planning to go to college in Boston.

He told me that his father was a doctor.

She put sheets on her bed.

I demand that you cease and desist from sending unsolicited emails.

Sugih died just three years ago.

I haven't called.

You're playing at being a conscientious objector, but mark my words: when all is said and done, you'll join the army like everyone else.

You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police.

We were quite happy.

Stanly is shouting at Earle.

I'll be around for three weeks.

What did you say? Could you please say it again?

Wherever you live, there's the capital.

In primitive societies barter was used.


I'll tell you when to stop.


She's getting old.


Are you sure you want to do it?

Can usernames be changed?

I don't think it means anything.


I have to find another one.

Sekar was extremely helpful.

Mushrooms are not for rent and the gingerbread house is not to let at the moment.

I'll give that to Mara.

I don't have a house.

Sandip didn't realize how important it was to be at the meeting.

When the boys go camping, they enjoy living in a primitive way.

It takes years to grow a tree, yet it takes seconds to cut it.

What's the date?


The schedule's fine as long as nothing clashes.

I'm missing you more than ever.

You must bind yourself to keep the promise.

I bought this yesterday.

Please change this bill into coins.

She was very angry with me when I forgot the appointment.

I cannot argue with Taninna. She's my uncle's wife.

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Belinda found this clock at a garage sale.

She bought a baby chick.

When you leave the meeting room, please, switch off the light.

My favourite word in German is the word for gloves: 'Handschuhe'.

Work hard so that you may earn your living.

One-fifth of my wages go to taxes.

These are called shoes.

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I know you'd prefer a bottle of red wine.

One of the youngsters tripped and fell.

He had no time when his mother told him to work.

How was your day?

The man aimed a gun at the detectives.

Believe me, everything he's told you is a crock.

Robbin and Lester work in the same office.

Is the supermarket open this evening?

You have to give three months' rent as a deposit.


The cat meowed.

Jakob is very angry with her sister.

He pretends that he's a stranger here.


I couldn't make it to the meeting as I was sick.


I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled out last week.

I've never hit anyone in my life.

I caught a cold two days ago.


I'm going to get some tea.

Don't let him take it.

She was very nervous.

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What can you see from your window?